5 of my favourite jobs boards for science and technology researchers looking to branch out.

I am often asked about jobs boards for science and technology researchers, looking for jobs beyond academia.

There are a number of aggregated jobs boards such as Indeed, Simply Hired, Career Jet, Monster, LinkedIn Jobs and Jobrobot. These are a good starting point for a job search.

However, there are many more specific jobs boards out there which can be useful. Here are 5 that I commonly recommend to people.

1. Research Research Jobs: This is a website that lists science or academic – related opportunities. You will find roles such as those related in grants management or project management listed here.

2. PSCI COMM Mailing List: This is not a jobs board but it does list opportunities for people wanting to work in areas related to science communication.

3. Stack Overflow Jobs: This is a website well-know to programmers looking to share and showcase ideas. It also has a jobs board that not everyone knows about.

4. Jobs.ac.uk: There are many research-related jobs in higher education. Use this website to search for opportunities in the profession/managerial/support services section of the website rather than searching under your academic discipline.

5. Freshminds: This is a recruitment agency that sources consultancy work, sometimes on a part-time and/or project basis. Useful for researchers looking for part-time consultancy work.

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