Working in life science start-ups

I have just attended The Crick Startup Career Fair run by the Crick Science Entrepreneur Network. I spoke to many people, asking for advice on how to find a job in a start-up. I also listened to John Bethell’s excellent talk on careers in start-ups. Here are 5 pieces of advice that kept coming upContinue reading “Working in life science start-ups”

Securing Industry Positions: 10 Tips from an Industry Recruiter

Here are some tips on securing a role in industry, based on a recent discussion with an industry recruiter. Use a recruiter:┬áRecruiters can be a very useful addition to your job-hunting toolkit. Recruiters prefer to find you on LinkedIn rather than you search them out. However, you may approach a recruiter directly on LinkedIn, orContinue reading “Securing Industry Positions: 10 Tips from an Industry Recruiter”