What People Say About Me

Emily Huns, Head of Careers, University of Sussex

I have worked with Tracy for a long time. She has a talent for adapting her facilitation to the needs of her audience, and her delivery style achieves an effective balance between evidence base, sensitivity and humour. Most recently, Tracy facilitated a professional development session for my Team Away Day. She heard what was needed, asked all the right questions during the preparation period, and delivered a creative and engaging session which drew excellent feedback from the team. I recommend her services without hesitation.

Abi Gaston, Acting Head, Queen Mary University of London

I have worked with Tracy over 9 years both at Queen Mary University of London and Education Consultancy where she works as a freelancer at the ICR. Tracy is one of the most capable Careers Consultants that I know. She can handle any kind of group when delivering careers sessions, whether large or small, student or professional, generalist or specialist. Her style is confident, creative, engaging and honest. The strong emotional intelligence she has makes her expert in one-to-one appointments and very easy to work with as a colleague or freelancer. Tracy has a lot of experience working with researchers and post-docs and has delivered high quality support at QMUL and the ICR.   I know I can always trust Tracy to do a great job! I would strongly recommend Tracy to anyone interested in careers support.

Sven Hofmann, Production Manager and Quality/Regulations Administrator at TiKa Diagnostocs Ltd.

I met Tracy at two different career consulting events dealing with career options for researchers & CV writing. I experienced her as a stunningly charismatic and highly engaged personality. She creates a very warm atmosphere and conveys a high degree of positivity and motivation through a well-balanced mixture of profound background knowledge, up-to-date facts and numerous experiences with clients. Tracy has the talent to break the complex nature of career pathways & changes as well as critical CV matters down to easy-to-understand and achievable steps which enables almost immediate progression in career development/planning. She is very supportive and replies very quickly to any inquiry. I definitely consider further consulting and would highly recommend her!

Xiaohui (Helen) Chen, Lecturer in Biomaterials Science, University of Manchester

Tracy is a highly engaging and capable Careers Consultant. She is an approachable, warm, friendly individual who brings a welcoming smile to everyone she meets. She has extensive experience in coaching, CV checking and career management. The career coaching sessions she offers are extremely beneficial. She is extraordinarily helpful, builds professional relationships with students, putting them at ease and going the extra mile for them. I would highly recommend her!

Linda Nocchi, Immunology Scientist at Nouscom Srl

Tracy ran a very inspiring three-days workshop at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Rome where I work as a Postdoctoral Fellow. The workshop was about career planning and development in Science. Tracy provided a useful individual consultation and personal coaching on possible perspectives for early-stage scientists. She opened up my mind giving me so many options to take into consideration for my future career and she also gave me very constructive advice on how to face future potential interviews , either in academia or in industry level. Tracy is a highly competent careers advisor and I am glad to have had the chance to meet her and attend one of her courses.

Izzy Obeng, Entrepreneur

Tracy is one of the most capable and brilliant career coaches I have worked with. I was lucky to work with Tracy over 3-4 months in 2019. With Tracy’s support, I was able to successfully navigate a career transition and build a career that I love. Tracy is very approachable, warm and has a unique coaching style which demonstrates her strong competence and years of experience. I would highly recommend Tracy as a career coach and look forward to working with her again someday.

Harinda Gill, Consultant Geneticist, University of British Columbia

Tracy blazes a trail in positive thinking combined with a realistic attitude and an emphatic understanding. Working with Tracy provided me the space and support I needed to clarify my thinking and practically implement my goals. She uses a number of creative exercises and innovative techniques in her work and it is clear that she has a deep seated interest in understanding individual values and motivations to guide personal success.

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